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About eBase

eBase is a company that specializes in the programming, development, and implementation of  ERP systems in a variety of sectors including hotels, industry and services.

In the hotels sector we have a vast experience in implementing Back Office systems.
Our solutions are based on the ERP software "Priority" and include special modules developed by the company specifically for hotels , the defense industry, and retail companies that manage complex pricelists, as well as for companies working with profit centers.

The company has developed unique processes for the swift implementation of the system  in organizations, accompanied by continuous support that also includes consultation and support for financial and inventory issues.

We solely employ experienced workers from various fields including finance, industrial engineering and management, production floor management and documentation, programming and management.

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Priority is a fully-integrated, comprehensive ERP software solution serving a wide spectrum of industries and organizations, providing outstanding service to thousands of customers, from small businesses to large multi-company, multi-national and multi-lingual corporations traded on NASDAQ and other exchanges.
The following modules are included in the software:


eBase specializes in the implementation of the ERP system Priority in the hotels sector. (Back office)
Among our clients in this segment are: David Intercontinental hotel, Sheraton Tel Aviv hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Carlton Tel Aviv hotel, American Colony hotel, Olive Tree, David Citadel, Inbal, The chain group Rimonim, Atlas chain, Ramada, Saint George Landmark and many others.


When changing an information system, one of the biggest fears in the organization is whether it will be possible to transfer the organization's past financial and production data to the new system.


Ebase has developed a unique BI module that connects to the databases of all the software used by the organization and produces priceless administrative information for the organization's managers.

Among our Clients